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Beroz Vacha
Born in India
86 years
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Family Tree
Shanti raghavan
When i see your students, I see you and your tireless work. We will miss you always...
Nisreen Ebrahim
Beroz, you will live on in the the lives of so many that you have touched in so many different ways...including mine. RIP
Sanjay Mungi
We know you will Keep Blessing me & Neetu as always. You changed the course of our lives, with your magical touch. THANK YOU
Sumitra Mishra
Beroz - your indomitable spirit; your never give up attitude and your appetite for laughs will stay with us forever! THANK YOU
Binali Suhandani
A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves,for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, We will miss you Beroz.
Sushama Sharma
Beraoj you light the candles in many lives of Deafblind individuals whom you empowered to be independent. We would miss you a lot.
Amreash Chandra
ईश्वर बेरोज मैडम की आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करे ! गर्व है की मै उनके बाधिरान्धता उद्देँशय के लिए काम करने वाला एक कार्यकर्त्ता हु। मेरा कभी उनसे रूबरू होने का अवसर तो नहीं रहा , पर ये विश्वाश है की उनका आर्शीवाद विकलांगता के लिए काम करने वालो के सदा साथ है।
Bhushan Punani
Your name is synonymous with deafblindness in India. Creating and nurturing HKI - your fantastic contribution - makes you immortal
Reena Bhandari
Beroz I will always remember the Parsi jokes we shared. You introduced me to spiritual books among so many other things rest in pe
Dipti Karnad
Beroz we will miss you and your resounding laugh.May God give you eternal peace.You live in all our hearts.
Deepak Sharma
July 2004 when we first met in HKIDB, you said to all our batch that you are the future teachers but remain be the learners.
Akhil Paul
Beroz, once you said to me- "there are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or mirror that reflects it!"...
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