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Beroz Vacha
Born in India
86 years
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Vinu Robin Pereira Former student of Beroz Vacha August 11, 2017
Dear Beroz Teacher,

You left us but you still live in  my memories which are simply beautiful. Thank you for educating me during my schooling in a lovely school Helen Keller Institute for deaf and deaf blind  from the year 1978 onwards. Everyone were longing to hear your voice as a source of building strength. I missed your determined and encouraging voice. I used to feel your voice echoing in my mind. I missed your humourous talk and we used to laugh a lot. My last meeting was 5 years back. I was longing to meet you, but I could not be able to make it. I am sorry, teacher. Your death secretly pained me so much that I could not be able to forget our beautiful relationship.When I think of this school, i think of you.

Thank you for giving your valuable advice and wisdom. Your teachings towards me certainly penetrated me so much that I achieved a lot. You already conquered my consequences of hearing disability with your light, an invisible form of God.

I owed a great gratitude and support for sending me to a college Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped. With this, I began to understand myself and the world. You had full faith in allowing me to become a teacher of the deaf in our school.You gave me an immense joy and enjoyment in teaching children with similar disability of mine and deaf blind children as well.

Your photo made me cry and I was not able to lift my eyes on your beautiful smile. Your smile conveys a lot of meanings.For me personally, you had great understanding in my inner self. Thank you so much for imparting valuable lessons in my difficult times.

Beroz teacher, may your heart and soul rest in peace and comfort......

Your favourite former student

Mrs Vinu Robin Pereira
Steven Rothstein Perkins School for the Blind May 2, 2014
Beroz made the world brighter. She was a remarkable soul and a true inspiration for so many. She was clearly a gentle yet strong person, a thoughtful and intelligent leader, a resourceful and determined manager, a reassuring mentor. The people served by Helen Keller are better off because she was with us. I am personally better off becausue she was with us.

Please accept our deepest sympathy for the entended personal and professional families

Steven Rothstein, Perkins
Animesh Chanchani Don't cry for Beroz, celebrate her life. May 2, 2014
Behroz has touched many lives in her journey to empower the deaf and deaf blind. She believed that No one is incapable of being taught and no one can do without education, and it is the fundamental birthright of every child to be loved and to be educated.

If there is life, after death, one can be rest assured that she would be working relentlessly for a noble cause.

Like many of you, I am blessed to have spent some moments with her.

RIP, Berozmasi.
Richard Hawkes Beroz April 27, 2014

It was with great sadness that I heard about Beroz’s death. She was a true inspiration to so many people and I consider myself incredibly privileged to have known her. I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time 20 years ago when Sense International was just starting and from then on she had a great influence over Sense International and on me personally. I am a better person for having known Beroz and I am sure we all feel the same way.
Best wishes,
Richard Hawkes

AHM Noman Khan In remembrance of Beroz Nari Vacha April 25, 2014
On behalf of CDD I express my deepest condolences at the demise of Beroz Nari Vacha. It is a great loss for all of us. We at CDD grief deeply at her loss and she was on of our inspirations to start innitiatives in Bangladesh for Deaf Blind people. She is longer here physically but her presence will always be with us to inspire and motivate us to continue working for the social inclusion and empowerment of deaf-blind people in Bangladesh.

AHM Noman Khan
Executive Director
Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)
Shyam Sunder Mishra Godmother of Deafblind April 25, 2014
She truly inspired me when I just finished my PG & joined HKI. She always use to motivate me through her inspirational words "By learning you will teach but by teaching you will understand." She was one of the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression & knowledge. I may forget my first crush in first grade but never my favorite teacher & mentor. We miss you & may your soul rest in peace.
Merry Barua Beroz April 25, 2014
A legend that i was fortunate to meet a few brief times. 
As Beroz goes off on her new journey wish more people in the disability sector get to know of the amazing work done by early pioneers like her. RIP
Nisreen Ebrahim Rangoonwala Foundation ( India) Trust April 25, 2014
I have lost a friend. Beroz has contributed to my understanding of disability. Kind hearted,passionate,  compassionate to a fault, energizing others wherever she went. The seriuos meetings she infused with her brand of humour, the ability to laugh at herself even from her hospital bed.... In her we have lost a visionary, a leader who led by example, a person who had so much to give. But most importantly, a person who lived life to the fullest. Fond remembrances from all of us at RF(I)T.
sivagami sivasubbu Beroz you stay in my memory April 25, 2014
Dear Beroz,  I remember the days I spent with you ... your way of motivationg and inspiring the professionals is un comparable, they way you comment and makes the workplace so lively ... we miss you.. may your soul rest in peace

Sujata Bhan Inspirational April 24, 2014
You inspired me when i just joined the field and you continue to inspire me....
I learnt many lessons from you....just to share a few...
...its nice to be strong in cognition  but its more important to have a heart that cares....  
...You were just a great leader and nurturing mentor for everybody in your institution and your enthusiasm was contagious... touched so many lives by your genuity, simplicity, and passion for your work which was truly a worship for you...
I wish all those who have admired you including me imbibe some qualities of yours and take your legacy forward....may you continue to guide us from up there...
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