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Beroz Vacha
Born in India
86 years
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Life story
April 24, 2014

Beroz Vacha’s career spans a little over 48 years, starting from a humble beginning of a trainee teacher to a teacher, a Principal and then a Director / Consultant of Helen Keller Institute for Deaf and Deafblind of which she was a Founder Member.

At the start of her career as a teacher of the Deaf in 1965 at the Education, Audiology and Research Centre, she came across as young Deaf girl who had become Blind - the first contact with the Deafblind as Beroz shared-“Being with this girl who was so intelligient and trapped by this severest of handicaps and yet undaunted in spirit – this attitude changed the entire course of my life. I began to look into a Deaf child with additional handicaps which retarded his learning progress but was mislabeled as mentally retarded”- more so a Deafchild with vision problems leading to Blindness.

Beroz's Determination brought her Scholarships to study, train and visit various institutes from 1970 onwards in UK,USA, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries, to study in educational techniques for Deafblind children.

  • 1970 first overseas training in PG in Education of the Deaf at the University of Manchester,UK.
  • 1974 at the PerkinsSchoolfor the Blind –Boston, Massachusetts, the first Institute of its kind in the world for the education of the Deafblind. Beroz Vacha was the First Indian teacher to be trained in Deafblindness and then she has frequently visited the Institute over a period of time.
  • 1977, at the International center on Deafness at Gallaudet College, Washington DC and thereafter visited other Institutes in theUSA to view persons with different disabilities.
  • 1984, she also attended 4 months course to study in Deafblind education at the International Centre, Institute Voor-Doven, Michiesgestel in the Netherlands. 

1977 Beroz started the Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & Deafblindm Mumbai.  

1978 - 80, Beroz was Consultant for NASEOH  Research project to develop "Total Communication" a dictionary manual on tactile communication for the Deaf & Deafblind. 

1983 – She became the first editor of the International News Letter for the Deafblind under the UNESCO projects.

1985 - 86, Worked at the Singapore School for the Blind as Nari (her husband) was posted in Singapore. Beroz trained teachers in the education of the Deafblind. 

1987- came back to India as Director / Consultant of the Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & Deafblind.

1987 to 1995 – Member of the Executive Board of IAEDB (International association for the Education of Deafblind)

1990 – Conducted two months training in Tactile Communications Skills at Divine school for the Blind,Bangalore.

1992- 1994 Helped Hilton Perkins International to train Master teacher and a parent to start a programme for Deafblind multiply Handicapped at NAB,Delhi. And also trained 2 teachers from Indonesia & Malaysia in the teaching and communication approaches for the Deafblind.

1996 -1997  Beroz advised Sense (UK based National Deafblind & Rubella Association) with IVD (Institute Voor – Doven, Holland) and worked closely with its long time friend (and then CEO of Sense), Mr. Rodney Clarke and International Officer, Richard Hawkes.

1997- Has been a guide and mentor for Akhil Paul and Sense International India.
2000 Pioneered a full Diagnostic Center for Functional assessment of Vision & Hearing.

2001 – Pioneered a full comprehensive computer education Programme for Deafblind, Blind/Deaf with Low vision. This included training in Braille, touch typing to Computer key board,manual / tactile communication, surfing internet & emails.


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