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Beroz Vacha
Born in India
86 years
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Vinu Robin Pereira Former student of Beroz Vacha August 3, 2017
Dear Beroz  Teacher,

You left us but you still live in my memories which are simply beautiful. Thank you for educating me during my schooling in our school 'Helen Keller Institute for Deaf and Deaf Blind' from the year 1978 onwards. Everyone of us were longing to hear your voice as it would energize our spirits and waken our souls. I felt your voice echoing in my mind. I missed your humourous talk and we used to laugh a lot. Our last meeting was five years ago . I was longing to meet you, but I could not be able to make it. I am sorry, Teacher. Your death secretly pained me a lot and I could not be able to forgot our beautiful relationship. When I think of our school, I think of you,

Thank you for giving me your wisdom and advice. Your teachings towards me certainly penetrated me so much that I achieved a lot. You already conquered my consequences of hearing disability with your light, an invisible form of God. I owed you a great gratitude and support for sending me to a college for pursuing a bachelor degree in the same field, Ali yavar Jung National Institute for Speech and Hearing disabilities. With this, I began to understand myself and the world. You had full faith in me allowing me to become teacher of the deaf in our school. You gave me an immense joy and enjoyment in teaching children with similar disability of mine and deaf-blind children as well.

Your recent photo  made me crying a lot and i could not be able to lift my eyes on your beautiful smile. Your smiling conveys a lot of meaning. For me personally, you had great understanding in my inner self. Thank you for imparting your valuable lessons in my difficult times.

Beroz teacher, the best teacher in the world, ,may your heart and your soul rest in peace and comfort. Everyone in our school definitely will carry out their works for future generations.

Your Favourite student

Vinu Robin Pereira
Akhil Paul Beroz Vacha- the Indian Anne Sullivan July 11, 2014

Beroz has been a phenomenal person! She was revolutionary in her actions and thoughts and she was the person who not only pioneered 'deafblind' work in India about 38 years ago but she also worked hard to get recognition for 'total communication', she was 'Indian Anne Sullivan'. Beroz loved life and knew how to spread love, joy and hope among people. Very early on in her career as an Educator of the Deaf, she realised that only passion and commitment will help her transform lives of deafblind children in India.

Beroz played a pivotal role in establishment of "Sense International India" by advising Rodney Clark (the then CEO of Sense) and Richard Hawkes (the then Director of Sense International). I met Beroz for the first time in 1996 during the interviews for the post of 'Development Manager-India' which were held in her home, the same home at Gamadiya Colony, Mumbai, where she breathed her last.

There is no doubt that she dedicated her whole life in the service of deafblind and transformed many lives including Shyama Mehta, Zamir Dhale, Pradip, Aney Mathew, Akhtar, Vandana, Shishna and many others. Beroz has touched lives of many professionals in the deafblind sector globally and I am fortunate to have travelled some distance with Beroz!

The last thing I recall about her sparkling personality is that I carried flowers with me, last month when I went to see her in the hospital and when I was leaving Beroz said- "Akhil put these gorgeous flowers on the table at the entrance of the ward so that everyone can appreciate and feel happy." Now that is Beroz for you sharing and caring for others even when she was bedridden! And something she wrote to me once- "There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it!"...You will always be around Beroz, I know!

Akhil S. Paul
Sense International India

David Brown Education Specialist in California USA April 24, 2014
I was first blessed to meet Beroz when she stayed at our Sense Family Centre in London in the mid-1980s. It is hard to write about her without using adjectives that sound like cliches, even though they are all true - passionate, charismatic, humble, determined, curious, funny, and so on and on. I treasure the memory of the times we were talking alone together, and I am so glad that I eventually got to India to get a direct first-hand idea of her achievements and her legacy to the country. On our last meeting in 2007, as we were saying goodbye, she gripped my hand very hard indeed (I had no idea she was so physically strong as well as so mentally and emotionally strong) and told me that I must never, ever, leave the world of deafblindness. If I ever begin to think about doing that it will be Beroz who will rise up in my memory and make sure that I reconsider and don't go. A very great human being to whom many will continue to be endebted into the distant future.
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